Road paint, Traffix Pro - Thermoplastic Powder ( 25kg )

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Road paint, Traffix Pro - Thermoplastic Powder  ( 25kg )

Traffix-Pro can be used on medium to heavily trafficked Asphalt or Concrete road Surfaces.

Category: Thermoplastic
Colours Available:
High Durability
Excellent Adhesion
Good Day and Night Visibility
High skid Resistance
Fast Drying Time
High Softening Point
Applicator Friendly properties.
Application Temperature:
For Screed application: 160-180°C
For Extrusion application: 170- 180°C
For Spray application: 180-200°C


  • Recommended Film Thicknes- 0.150 mm (wet)
  • Coverage - Approx.6m2 / litre
  • Specific Gravity (SG)- 1.05
  • Application Temp- Minimum 10oC
  • Application Humidity- Maximum 85%
  • Drying Time @25 degree C- 5-10 min(touch dry)