Drill Bit Sharpener

Drill Bit Sharpener

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Portable Corundum Grinding Wheel Drill Bit Sharpener Titanium Drill Portable Drill Bit Powered Tool Parts

1.Use electric drill power drive, wear-resistant corundum grinding wheel to improve the bit rate.
2.Applicable drill size: 5/64" - 13/64" (2mm-5mm) 7/32" - 21/64" (5mm-8mm) + 11/32"-1/2" (8mm-12.5mm), angle And width can be adjusted. the angle and width can be adjusted.
3.Simple and safe way to sharpen the drill bit
4.Small and portable, practical tools
5.The best choice for novices and handymen

After use, place in a dry and clean place. Do not use with harsh chemicals, it might reduce the lifetime.

1.All dimensions are measured manually and there may be small deviations.
2.We guarantee to provide the best quality products and best service, if any problems, you can contact us, we will provide a variety of solutions for you to choose.
3.Use safely according to the guidelines.
4.After use, place the drill sharpener in a place that is out of reach of children to prevent sharp parts from harming children.