Bostik Timberfix

Bostik Timberfix

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Water based timber flooring adhesive

Timberfix is a water based adhesive for bonding various types of timber for interior installation of wood flooring. Timberfix is free of solvent, hard-set adhesive which display high bond strength.

Timberfix is recommeded to use for installation of;

  • Parquet strips
  • Solid floorboards
  • Engineered floorboards
  • Direct stick installation
Key Features – Solvent free – Low odour – Water based – Bond to most substrates – Low water content – Easy to spread – High bond strength

Performance Properties Appearance Creamy, Thick Paste Colour Teak Viscosity 70,000 to 90,000 cps Solid Content 75 ± 2%

Approximate 1kg/m2 depend on substrate conditions.

PACKAGING 20 kg per carton